Sinkhole Repair

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Sinkhole Remediation from the Experts in AL & the FL Panhandle

A sinkhole is a very distressing issue, whether it happens gradually or suddenly. Sinkholes are a result of displaced soil from water or other forces, and they are capable of causing serious damage to your property, including foundation damage.

Superior Structural Solutions can provide sinkhole repair as well as stop future damage in its tracks. When you notice a hole or sunken-in portion of your lawn, we are the ones to call for complete remediation.

Working on a large sinkhole in Alabama.

What Caused Your Property’s Sinkhole?

The three main types of sinkholes are:

  • Solution Sinkholes – If there isn’t much soil covering bedrock on your property, you may be experiencing a type of bedrock erosion that causes a large, bowl-shaped hole. You’ll probably notice a lot of runoff collected in these depressions.
  • Cover Collapse Sinkholes – These are usually very sudden, often happening in a span of just a few minutes. In these cases, there is substantial soil above the bedrock, and the bedrock erodes slowly underneath for years in advance. Finally, the softer soil above will cave in.
  • Cover Subsidence Sinkholes – These will usually give you signs of formation, as they form on the surface of the soil. As bedrock erodes, clay or sand seeps into the cracks, forming a cavity that gets worse over time. Increasing amounts of runoff will collect in them.

We can repair all types of sinkholes. You may need additional yard drainage solutions to fully achieve this. We will only recommend what is necessary for your particular situation.

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We’re the structural experts. Please get in touch with us if you are dealing with a sinkhole on your property. Our knowledgeable experts will diagnose the exact cause and treat it, not just the symptoms. You’ll be left satisfied, with a stable, level lawn.

Whether you’re in Birmingham, Decatur, Montgomery, Mobile, Pensacola, Panama City or the surrounding areas, Superior Structural Solutions is here for you.