Pipe Abandonment Grouting

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Avoid a Sunken Lawn With Pipe Grouting – AL & FL Panhandle

Having any abandoned pipes on your property filled now will save you trouble in the future when the pipes start to deteriorate. Removing the pipes is a more costly and time-consuming option. At Superior Structural Solutions, we use methods that not only save time and money but also avoid using the heavy equipment you would need with other methods.

How Pipe Filling Works to Preserve Your Property

Any abandoned pipelines or tunnels are threats to the stability of your soil.

As soon as the material surrounding the pipes deteriorates, the overlying soil can cave in and collapse the ground above it. Filling the pipes with durable material eliminates the cave-in risk.

Make Sure Your Property is Fully Protected

When you have this service done, you’ll want to make sure that it will stand up over time to the pressure of the soil above. The experts at S3 have years of experience and training behind our work and will use only time-tested methods. You can expect your pipes to be free of rot, deterioration and to be capable of removal at any time in the future. We can successfully fill voids of any shape or size, even in places that are difficult to access.

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