Foundation Damage After Hurricane Season

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Assessing The Damage

Hurricane season equals lots of rainfall. And, lots of rainfall leads to massive flooding. Whether you are in the eye of the storm, or hundreds of miles away, hurricane season will influence those in its path. What else might be affected by hurricane floods and severe rainfall: foundation settling. In other words, foundation repair after hurricane season is vital to a building’s structure. It is essential to check structural foundations after severe storms in order to assess damage. Why is this important?

In essence, when soil moves, so does your foundation. During hurricane season, severe rain fall occurs. Because of this, soil gets overly saturated and then it pushes its way against foundation elements. Moreover, this leads to cracking and bowing of walls and potential problems in crawl spaces. Furthermore, if you live near the coast, sea walls can be damaged. Unfortunately, this can cause severe damage to your home or building.

Foundation Repair Solutions

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After storm season, we at Superior Structural Solutions have foundation repair solutions for you! Here are just a few services we provide that will benefit you after storm damage: foundation repair, concrete foundation repair, crawl space repair, and commercial foundation repair. Furthermore, foundation damage that occurs during heavy storms and hurricanes need to be fixed as soon as possible. Ultimately, anytime a foundation settles further into the soil, other parts of the building will be affected as well.

Steel Piers, Helical Piers; Anchors

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steel push pier

We at Superior Structural Solutions offer several products that can fix your foundation challenges. More specifically, our foundation repair products are American made with American steel. We purchase our foundation repair products from Earth Contact Products which is an industry leader in foundation products. These particular products help stabilize your building’s foundation. For instance, steel push piers are driven deep into the soil to lift and support weaker foundations. Helical piers, on the other hand, are “manufactured and engineered” to perform permanent foundation needs. Finally, our wall anchor products can help with bowing and cracking walls.

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Superior Structural Solutions can solve your foundation challenges. Give us a call or send us an email, so we can assess foundation damage before it becomes a much bigger burden to deal with. Contact Us today!