Water in Your Home or Crawlspace?

Part #1: Home Water Problem Series

By: Steve Schoonover

There are systems that manage the water in your home once it has entered into a crawlspace or basement.


These systems should not be considered a waterproofing option. They are a WATER MANAGEMENT system. Generally, the system will have a series of french drains and “channel” drains located in the interior space and placed adjacent to the foundation wall. The drain pipe may flow to a sump pump, which in turn pumps the water collected out of the crawlspace or basement and into the yard. Or, the drain may “free flow” to the outside. These systems are sometimes required due to limited accessibility of a site, or sites which do not have terrain that would support an exterior drainage correction.

However, such systems have major flaws that the average homeowner is not aware of. In the next several segments we will explore these systems and their flaws.

Stay tuned for another installment in our Home Water Issue Series soon with information on these flaws and how to avoid them.

water in your home