Crawl Space Repair

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Crawl Space Repair – Serving Alabama and the Florida Panhandle

A crawl space is easy to ignore, but out of sight doesn’t equal out of mind in this case. This hidden part of your home affects the rest of your home’s structure if something goes wrong. If your crawl space experiences structural or humidity issues, your home could suffer, along with everyone in it.

There’s no need to stress with an effective solution — crawl space repair from Superior Structural Solutions.

Is a Crawl Space Repair Right For You?

It’s important to be aware of the signs that your crawl space is in need of repair and that the rest of your home might be in harm’s way:

pooling water indicates a void or sinkhole that may require grouting uses or crawl space repair
  • Standing Water – Poor drainage or leaking pipes can not only trigger mold and mildew growth but can also pose a threat to your home’s foundation.
  • Sagging or Sloping Floors – This problem can either be due to a problem with your floor joists or a weakened foundation.
  • Cold Floors – Poor airflow in the crawl space can cause the floors above to feel cold.
  • High Electric Bills – Many things can cause your electric bill to be higher than expected, but crawl spaces are often overlooked. Poor insulation or high humidity can contribute to your air conditioner overrunning.

Also keep an eye out for cracks, especially ones that run horizontally. It’s important to know that you may need more extensive foundation repairs depending on the issue. If humidity is what is plaguing your crawl space the most, we also provide crawl space encapsulation to seal the area.

Get Proper Care For Your Home With Expert Crawl Space Repair

The experienced team at Superior Structural Solutions can repair your crawl space anywhere in Alabama as well as the Florida panhandle, including Decatur, Birmingham, Montgomery, Dothan, Mobile, Pensacola, and Panama City. Please contact us today if your crawl space is in disrepair.