You Might Have Prevented Foundation Failure

Part #3: Home Water Problem Series

By: Steve Schoonover

Continuing our examination of internal drainage systems, one must understand that concrete block is porous.

To a lesser extent, so is concrete. Internal drainage systems do not prevent the water from continuing to flow against the exterior wall. Thus, continued damage of the block and concrete footer and wall is still occurring!

But, now that such damage is “out of sight” (typically covered by white plastic sheeting) it likely won’t be detected for many years. Typically, once the damage is detected, it is by the failure of the foundation walls. This leads to higher costs of repair to the wall.

If you are thinking about interior or internal drainage systems as a solution to your home water problems, think twice. Check with the professional for a more customized solution to your water problems and prevent foundation failure down the road.

foundation failure could be prevented