Permeation Grouting for Soil Stabilization

Permeation grouting is a good solution for foundation support and water control projects in Alabama.

Permeation grouting is used to fill voids and spaces in loose soil, which allows the strengthening of the soil.  It may also be used to control water around Alabama. Chemical grouting falls into the category of permeation grouting. Permeation is using a liquid, gas, or vapor and permeating a solid. Using grout to fill voids and spaces in loose soil allows us to strengthen soil and control water around important structures.

Two Problems, One Solution

Chemical grouting can be used for structural support and also water control. 

chemical grouting for soil stabilization

For foundation support, grout is injected into the soil. It permeates the space in loose soils around the foundation. The grout improves the integrity of the soil around the structure providing increased support and stability. 

For water control, chemical grouting is used but the purpose is different. Grout is injected under pressure to fill the voids and spaces in the soil. Grout injection points are specifically designed to build a network beneath the ground in the soil. This essentially builds a wall to prevent the water from entering that area. This method can be used around tunnels, underground storage tanks, underground conduits or pipes, and more.

Using grout solutions for both of these methods is a safe, economical solution. Our team can assist in designing a solution for your soil stabilization project. For more information or for a quote contact Steve and the team at Superior Structural Solutions today.