Air Quality Challenges

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Superior Structural Solutions (S3 Structural) strives to create quality work for all of its clients. With the changing seasons, and increased precipitation in the fall months, air quality in the home becomes more prevalent. In fact, between allergy season, muggy crawl spaces, and wet basements, the air quality in your home may be suffering. S3 Structural can guide you with all of your air quality challenges specifically when it starts in the lower levels of the home.

Crawl Spaces and Air Quality

You may be wondering how crawl spaces, basements and air quality are connected? Well, they actually go hand in hand. In fact, the air quality in the lower levels rise to the higher levels in the home. So, if your air contains pollutants or toxins, those elements will stray to other areas of the house without proper ventilation or waterproofing fixes. In fact, this is why it is very important to inspect your crawlspace from time to time. Let us try to avoid air quality challenges from entering your home.

According to the National Center for Healthy Housing, “The level of moisture in the home is crucial to achieving a healthy home environment; [in fact],too little moisture in the home can cause dryness of the nose and respiratory systems, while too much moisture in the home contributes to numerous health impacts, health hazards, and structural home damage.” This is not a good thing. So, how can we help? S3 Structural can repair your crawlspace so your home- and those in it- will not be harmed.

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Crawl Space Fixes

There are a few crawl space fixes that would work to improve the air quality in your home. One such benefit is crawl space encapsulation. As mentioned on our website, “a sealed crawlspace is crucial to preserving the structure of your Alabama or Florida home.” In fact, keeping humidity out of your crawlspace with this service will pretty much guarantee better air quality. For instance, did you know that up to 50% of your household’s air first passes through the crawlspace!

Additionally, even a solid crawlspace repair can help with air quality challenges in your home. Along with humidity and its challenges, basic crawlspace solutions such as poor water drainage and other structural related problems will help decrease the wetness and mildew in these lower level areas. Consequently, all of these fixes in crease the quality of air in our space.

Contact Us today so we can solve the air quality challenges in your home. Also, keep us in mind for all of your crawl space and foundation needs!