2019 and 2020 Foundation & Concrete Feature Jobs

Concrete and Foundation Repairs performed by Superior Structural Solutions in Alabaster, Alabama

Below are a few examples of jobs that customer called us about. All the jobs below are residential concrete and foundation problems that people had in Alabama and the Florida Panhandle. If you see these types of problems around your home, reach out to us. We can take a look at your problem and recommend a solution. We offer foundation repair, concrete repairs, crawl space encapsulation and repairs, grouting, sinkhole repair and yard drainage.

Job 1: Alabaster, Alabama (35114) – Concrete replacement was needed. Also concrete crack repair and filling.

Concrete replacement job in Alabaster, Alabama

Job 2: Alabaster, Alabama (35007) – Water draining towards the home and causing issues. The Superior Structural Solutions team redirects it with a deep cutoff tench. (Also, look at the great pup!!)

deep cutoff trench installation in Alabaster, AL

Job 3: Alabaster, Alabama (35007) – Water intrusion into the basement from two places on the wall. Superior Structural Solutions corrected by urethane grout pumping.

water intrusion issue in Alabaster, Alabama

Job 4: Alabaster, Alabama (35007) – Slight water drainage issue. This issue will be corrected with grates.

water drainage issue in Alabaster, AL